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It has been an emotionally frought weekend for me. Unexpectedly, my long term relationship ended. Although I am sad, I am overhwelmed and so grateful for the lessons I've realized the past few days.

  1. I am not alone in this world.

  2. I am unbelievably loved by the people in my life.

  3. I have grown so much as a person in knowing my worth and pivoting when life throws curveballs.

I won't ramble on about all the love and care that I've received this weekend, but just know that karma is real. I have loved on others my entire life and it has come back to me tenfold. I have cried more than I believed possible in the past 72 hours, but most of them have been tears of joy.

Worthy one, keep pushing towards your goals. Keep being the person that you are. Reach out to the people that love you. Let them hold and support you. Know that you are cared for and that life is a constant journey where you can learn and grow.

I love you and you're worthy.

Courtney wearing a blue and green trench with a gray scarf, glasses, and a black mask gazing into the camera.
A tear free moment

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