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Hello, worthy ones! For the past few months, perhaps even years, I've been in a really dark space. I've done my best to pretend that everything is ok, but eventually that facade begins to crack. The universe has been leading me to situations that have shown me exactly how bad things had become for my mental space and I knew that I had to get help.

I have gone through 3-4 therapists over the past year and none of them worked out. I was beginning to believe that maybe I was beyond help and that it would just always be this way. And then the universe began to show me a way out. I began seeing a life coach that has been asking me questions no one has ever asked. This is helping me to begin shaping new ways of thinking about myself and my life.

Simultaneously, a friend gifted me a book titled "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. Y'all, I'm four chapters in and it is truly life changing. In the past week, I have begun waking at 5:15am in order to get in two hours of personal time before "starting" my day. This includes mental and emotional work, as well as physical work.

Y'all. My life is transforming right before my very eyes.

My beliefs about my life, my relationships, and the world around me are being recreated, reformed, and reshaped. I am renewed and rejuvenated and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

Worthy one, I don't know what life is like for you, but I truly hope that if you're in a not-so-great-space, that your world is able to transform in a positive way as well. I wish nothing but joy, love, abundance, and financial increase in your life.

Chat soon. I love you and you're worthy,

Courtney Tierra

Courtney Tierra smiling while wearing sunglasses and bright lipstick while wrapped in a beach towel.
Poolside on a perfect day

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